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Help for Addicts with Mental Illness Coral Springs

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Our mission at Resolve Wellness is to offer help for addicts with mental illness in Coral Springs and those from all over. Drug and alcohol abuse is a terrible problem for many people who struggle with mental illness and finding help is often a huge challenge. Mental health problems often make addiction even more problematic and difficult to overcome. Mood disorders, phobias, social anxiety and more can all make someone's life far more difficult and unfortunately, some turn to drugs and alcohol as a short-term solution. Substance abuse is a difficult disease to overcome because it takes control over someone's life and decision making. Instead of doing the things in life which are important, an addict will choose to abuse drugs and alcohol. Things like school, work or family are pushed aside in favor of abusing dangerous substances.

Are you worried about how your life is going? Do you see friends or family members struggling with abuse? It's time to get help. Resolve Wellness offers help for addicts with mental illness in Coral Springs and who are from across the state. Call today and learn how you too can get help for a mental illness and drug addiction.

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Is There Help for Addicts with Mental Illness?

Finding help can be a challenge for someone who has let addiction become a problem in their life. It can be even more challenging when mental illness is another factor. Finding the right help for a mental illness and substance abuse problem starts with calling the team at Resolve Wellness. Our comprehensive treatment plans include dual diagnosis and other safe and effective forms of treatment which are proven to aid in the recovery process. Dual diagnosis is a form of substance abuse recovery designed to alleviate mental health problems along with addiction treatment. It offers someone a chance at a better life they may not be able to achieve on their own.

Sometimes its past trauma or abuse which causes someone to turn to drugs and alcohol. Other times, family history and genetics play a role. Whatever your reason for needing help, Resolve Wellness is here to offer professional guidance and recovery. Our team of addiction treatment counselors is always ready to assist people from all walks of life down the road to a better future. Addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life any longer thanks to our team of substance abuse professionals offering safe and effective treatments like dual diagnosis and more. Call today and learn more about how we can help you get sober.

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