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Co-Occurring Disorders Archives - Resolve Wellness

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10 Jul

Four Important Facts to Know About Dual Diagnosis: Drug Rehab in Coral Springs

Dual diagnosis is a condition in which a person is dependent upon drugs or alcohol, while also dealing with a mental health issue. Dual diagnosis has many names including co-occurring disorders, concurrent disorders, dual disorder, and more. Handling a drug addiction is difficult enough; let alone pairing it with a mental health condition. Many individuals

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24 May

A Comprehensive Rehab and Mental Health Center in Coral Springs Can Help You Find Sobriety

Look around you. Most of us know someone who has struggled with or is struggling with mental illness or substance abuse. It’s real. And it does not discriminate. If you or someone you know is experiencing these issues, you may want to look into Resolve Wellness, a premier rehab and mental health center in Coral

Therapy Coral Springs
25 Apr

Who Provides Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Coral Springs?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a multibillion-dollar industry. People with substance abuse issues and their families are extremely vulnerable and need help. When individuals have a mood disorder – such as anxiety or depression – and a substance addiction, they fit the criteria for a dual diagnosis. To overcome these co-occurring disorders, it takes

medical team rehab center
15 Apr

Who Offers Dual-Diagnosis Drug Rehab In Coral Springs

Being addicted to drugs can be complicated and difficult to escape. However, being diagnosed with a dual-diagnosis can be even more traumatizing. Many patients are not aware that they are suffering from a mental illness until they begin treatment. Rehabilitation has a way of breaking down barriers and boundaries to get to the root of problems. Finding a dual-diagnosis drug rehab in Coral Springs

Resolve Wellness Recovery
11 Apr

Reasons to Participate in Mental Health Treatment In Rehab In Coral Springs

One in seven people in the U.S. has some sort of substance abuse issue. It’s likely you know one of them. We now know that most people who have addictions have what’s called a dual diagnosis, which means they have a substance abuse problem and a mental health condition. People struggling with addiction deserve compassionate,

life recovery Coral Springs
05 Apr

Where to Find Treatment at a Rehab and Mental Health Center In Coral Springs

Being diagnosed with drug and alcohol addiction can be tough, having a mental illness only adds to the difficulty. Many rehab facilities are not equipped to handle mentally ill patients, as well as addicts. Thankfully, there is a rehab and mental health center in Coral Springs with the knowledge and expertise needed to treat both,

medical team rehab center
03 Apr

How You Can Treat Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in Coral Springs

If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse and mental illness simultaneously, you’ll need a facility which is equipped to handle this potentially dangerous situation. The connection between substance and mental health disorders should be treated with its appropriate intervention. If you need help for substance abuse and mental health issues in

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Coral Springs, FL
25 Mar

How Should Co-Occurring Disorders in Coral Springs be Treated?

When someone is struggling with a mental health illness even daily activities can take their toll. It can be difficult to focus at work or school, and many seek ways to help manage their feelings. Some turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate and try to deal with their mental health issues.

Mental Helath and addiction treatment
20 Mar

Receive Top Quality Mental Health Treatment in Rehab in Coral Springs

There are many addiction treatment facilities that focus on helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Many people who struggle with these issues are also suffering from mental health illness. Quality mental health treatment while in rehab in Coral Springs can help you overcome both your addiction and mental health issues. At Resolve Wellness, we offer

Dual Diagnosis Coral Springs, FL
18 Mar

Are Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in Coral Springs Related?

Substance abuse, addiction, and mental health illness have the ability to ruin someone’s life. When drugs take over and become a serious problem it’s time to seek treatment. For many who are struggling with substance abuse, mental health is also a problem. At Resolve Wellness, we know that it’s important to receive the right treatment for substance abuse

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