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Co-Occurring Disorders Coral Springs | Dual Diagnosis Coral Springs

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Coral Springs, FL
25 Mar

When someone is struggling with a mental health illness even daily activities can take their toll. It can be difficult to focus at work or school, and many seek ways to help manage their feelings. Some turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate and try to deal with their mental health issues. This leads to other problems and isn’t a healthy way to deal with your mental health illness. At Resolve Wellness, we offer co-occurring disorder treatment to help those battling addiction and mental health issues. When you receive co-occurring disorder treatment it can provide you the quality care you need to truly overcome the issues you’re struggling with.  

Do I need co-occurring disorder treatment?

When a person uses drugs or alcohol to try and escape or deal with their mental health illness it can lead you down a slippery slope. Drug and alcohol abuse are not healthy of effective ways to cope with a mental health illness. When someone starts using drugs or alcohol and also is struggling with mental health problems, co-occurring disorder treatment is needed. This treatment focuses on helping the individual not only get sober, but also improve their mental health and manage the illness they’ve been struggling with. If only one issue is treated it could lead to relapse and further problems after treatment. 

At Resolve Wellness our co-occurring disorder treatment helps to address all issues that the individual is struggling with to ensure a full and healthy recovery. There are many different combinations of addiction and mental health that a person could be struggling with. Sometimes people drink to try and help with depression or use drugs to deal with anxiety. A personalized approach to treatment will help address your issues to provide you with the proper care and treatment. This will help focus on achieving sobriety while also working on improving mental health.  

How can I get started?

Co-occurring disorder treatment at Resolve Wellness will put you in a great position to get sober. You’ll also work on the treatment of any mental health issues you’ve been struggling with. This can help you live a happier, healthier life that is free from both addiction and mental health struggles. Our counselors and therapists are ready to provide you with quality co-occurring disorder treatment in Coral Springs. Call Resolve Wellness today to begin your journey towards a full and healthy recovery.  

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