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Drug Addiction and Mental Illness Coral Springs

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Mental Health Rehab Coral Springs

Drug Addiction and Mental Illness Coral Springs

What happens when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do they simply wake up one morning and their addiction is in full effect? For many people, developing a substance abuse problem is something that generally occurs over time. In fact, some people who suffer from mental illness can find that substance abuse is a short-term relief from their issues. Drinking for a person with depression, for example, may alleviate the feelings of sadness and loneliness for a short time, but prolonged abuse carries significant health and wellness risks. The cycle of drug addiction and mental illness is troubling to say the least, that’s why our focus here at Resolve Wellness in Coral Springs is to make sure everyone gets the help they need to get better.

Does Drug Addiction Cause Mental Illness?

There’s an untrue stereotype out there that people who abuse drugs and alcohol are causing themselves to become mentally ill. While it’s true that drinking and drug use can certainly make issues like depression or anxiety get worse over time, those issues were present before drug addiction became a part of someone’s life. Those who suffer from mental illness often turn to drugs in order to self-medicate and feel better for even a short while. However, this creates a cycle of mental illness and drug addiction that is difficult to overcome. Those who need help are encouraged to get in touch with the team at Resolve Wellness in Coral Springs today to learn more about how we can help you overcome drug addiction and mental illness.

Rehabbing from drugs and alcohol isn’t something that happens overnight, especially when mental illness is involved. Getting help from the right source is key in the recovery process, that’s why the team at Resolve Wellness is here to help. Our team features some of the most experienced and knowledgeable drug addiction and mental health counselors who are ready to help people of all ages and from everywhere begin their journey to a better life. Addictions are often made worse by mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and or depression. Drug addiction in Coral Springs can mask serious psychological problems and even cause them to get worse. When treating an addiction, it is important to learn more about the underlying causes of the addiction and treat that cause along with the symptoms. When underlying causes are not diagnosed or are ignored, a substance abuser is more susceptible to relapsing back to a dependent lifestyle. Our team at Resolve Wellness is committed to providing the best possible treatment and care for all of our residents. Call today and learn more!

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