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05 Apr

Being diagnosed with drug and alcohol addiction can be tough, having a mental illness only adds to the difficulty. Many rehab facilities are not equipped to handle mentally ill patients, as well as addicts. Thankfully, there is a rehab and mental health center in Coral Springs with the knowledge and expertise needed to treat both, simultaneously or separately. Substance abuse and mental illnesses can often go hand in hand. For those who suffer from anxiety or depression, alcohol and drugs can be an emotional crutch. At Resolve Wellness, we believe that one cannot be treated without taking a good, hard look at the other. A healthy state of mind can heal internal wounds and our physical bodies.

What Exactly Does This Rehab And Mental Health Center In Coral Springs Treat?

Co-occurring Disorders / Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis treatments target those who suffer from both mental illnesses, and drug or alcohol abuse. As mentioned, when both co-occur in a person’s body, it can leave a significant loss of joy in its tracks. Available 24/7, our caring and supportive staff is here to help. We offer personalized treatment options, as we know none of our patients are the same. It’s crucial to understand the underlying motives and emotions of our patients. Through extensive analysis therapies and genuine healing conversation, we’ll help our patients to work towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

Mental Illness Treatment
Mental orders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder can leave a person feeling hopeless, crazy, and unnerving. Unfortunately, American society does not place enough emphasis on the importance of mental health. At Resolve Wellness, we strive to heal the internal battles and wounds. We strive to create peace within turbulent waters. We aim to revive our patient’s best self, in hopes of reaching their full potential.

Addiction and Mental Health
When addiction takes over a person’s life, our exceptional team at Resolve Wellness will focus on aiding our clients back onto a path of wellness and internal peace.

At Resolve Wellness, we know every person is different and that all treatment centers are not created equal. If you’re looking for a rehab and mental health center in Coral Springs, call Resolve Wellness today. With health and wellness at the forefront of our priorities, Resolve Wellness is the optimal way to heal.

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