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10 Jul

Dual diagnosis is a condition in which a person is dependent upon drugs or alcohol, while also dealing with a mental health issue. Dual diagnosis has many names including co-occurring disorders, concurrent disorders, dual disorder, and more. Handling a drug addiction is difficult enough; let alone pairing it with a mental health condition. Many individuals aren’t aware of the difficulties surrounding the disorder, so here are four important facts about the dual diagnosis from drug rehab in Coral Spring.

Painkillers and Dual Diagnosis: Drug Rehab in Coral Springs

About one inf five people who suffers from dual diagnosis is also addicted to painkillers. Alcohol has become less significant, while prescription drugs are at the forefront. Unfortunately, the use of prescription painkillers is seen in more drug addicts today than ever before. The opioid epidemic is partially to blame, as it leaves no community undisturbed.

One-Fourth of People with a Mental Health Disorder Suffer from Substance Abuse

Approximately one-fourth of people who suffer from a severe mental condition also struggle with substance abuse. There are about 16 million Americans who are considered to have serious mental disorders, so one-fourth equates to four million people. Unfortunately, diagnosing dual diagnosis disorders is difficult, as one must figure out which came first, the addiction or the mental health issue.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is More Beneficial that Separate Treatments

Many individuals think that because they are two separate matters, they should be treated separately. However, this is not the case. People who have a mental disorder and are addicted to drugs and alcohol should manage both in the same facility, at the same time. Dependency on substances brings its fair share of mental and emotional traumas that will need attention. The same is true for those who started with a mental health matter.

50% of Diagnosed People Have Not Received Treatment

Unfortunately, the numbers are quite high regarding those who have dual diagnoses disorder and have not been treated. Many facilities are not capable of handling both matters, which is why it’s important for patients and family members to seek out those that do. Resolve Wellness is a dual diagnosis drug rehab in Coral Springs. Their treatment center strives to help people succeed, providing a team of highly experienced professionals who understand this field well. Accepting all walks of life, they believe in working towards a purposeful and wholesome life. Balancing mental and emotional health is part of life and learning to do so while also leaving behind harmful substances can undoubtedly help. Defeating addiction is only one phone call away. Call the experienced team at Resolve Wellness at 954-272-4138 and start re-writing your future today.

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