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What Are Co-Occurring Disorders? | Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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08 Dec

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

How do we treat a disease? While it’s easy to rest and hydrate when you have a cold, how do you treat a disease as scary and unpredictable as mental illness? Issues like depression or anxiety, for example, are more complex and can, in some unfortunate instances, lead someone down the path to substance abuse and addiction. Finding something that helps with mental health can be challenging, especially for someone without access to proper resources. Often times, drugs and alcohol are easier to obtain than legitimate mental health counseling. When someone enters into a cycle of addiction and co-occurring disorders, it’s exceedingly difficult to stop. The most important thing someone can do is get help right away from skilled and certified substance abuse counselors like the team at Resolve Wellness.


Our staff of skilled substance abuse recovery professionals take your path to sobriety and make it a wonderful learning experience where you can cultivate a new life. Co-occurring disorders make life a big challenge so getting help now is the best thing you can do for your overall health and wellness. Substance abuse and mental illness are very common and if you don’t treat both, you could fall back into the same patterns of addiction and abuse. Call on our professionals today and let’s get started!

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