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15 Apr

Being addicted to drugs can be complicated and difficult to escape. However, being diagnosed with a dual-diagnosis can be even more traumatizing. Many patients are not aware that they are suffering from a mental illness until they begin treatment. Rehabilitation has a way of breaking down barriers and boundaries to get to the root of problems. Finding a dual-diagnosis drug rehab in Coral Springs can be difficult, however, the medical professionals at Resolve Wellness have dedicated their lives to helping those with mental illnesses and drug addictions.  

3 Facts About Dual-Diagnosis Drug Rehab in Coral Springs  

Difficult to Treat 

Because medical professionals are dealing with two different types of illnesses, dual-diagnosis disorders may be complicated to treat. One must be attentive to both issues, and address both accordingly. At Resolve Wellness, we offer personalized treatment plans, as each individual is different. For example, addictions come in various degrees and types. The same is true for mental illnesses.
More Time Dedication  

Dual-diagnosis treatments can take a more extended amount of time than those who are merely partaking in drug rehab. As mentioned, two separate illnesses are being treated. Granted, both diseases interact with one another. In fact, they encourage one another, and reply on each other. At Resolve Wellness, our goal is to stop the reliance, replacing addiction and sadness with joy and independence.  

Difficult to Diagnose 

Dual-diagnosis patients are incredibly difficult to diagnose. Many drug and alcohol patients may only be addicted to the euphoric highs, while others may be suffering from substance abuse because of a mental illness like depression. The differentiation between the two is challenging. Choosing a rehab facility that understands these two defining factors is incredibly important. Luckily, at Resolve Wellness, we specialize in dual-diagnosis cases, and can accurately provide caring treatment for all our patients.  

Are you struggling with mental illness? Have you turned to drugs and alcohol because of your illness? The experts at Resolve Wellness understand with a sympathy that is complicated to find in most treatment centers. We’re not just a treatment center. At Resolve Wellness, we’re a team that truly believes in the recovery, health, and wellness of our patients. With constant 24 hour support, why choose any other dual-diagnosis rehab in Coral Springs? Call (954)-272-4138 today to schedule your consultation. Don’t suffer through life unhappy. It’s time to take your life back.  


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