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25 Apr

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a multibillion-dollar industry. People with substance abuse issues and their families are extremely vulnerable and need help. When individuals have a mood disorder – such as anxiety or depression – and a substance addiction, they fit the criteria for a dual diagnosis. To overcome these co-occurring disorders, it takes individualized professional counseling hours, high-quality treatment modalities, and beneficial program philosophies. These people should seek dual diagnosis treatment in Coral Springs.

What To Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Coral Springs

The most crucial piece to know about dual diagnosis treatment is that it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint. This is because of the way many individuals who suffer from addiction end up with depression, anger issues, and more. The need is to decide which came first; the mental disorder or the addiction. Through extensive psychological therapies, a building of trust, and counseling, our dual diagnosis experts are experienced at managing the necessary treatment.

Another critical thing to know regarding dual diagnosis treatment is that it takes more time than a traditional addict. When dealing with a drug or alcohol issue, the therapy targets this area directly. However, when a drug or alcohol addict also suffers from anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or depression, extended steps need to be taken to facilitate a full recovery of mind, body, and soul.

When dealing with a dual diagnosis, it’s imperative to treat both the mental disorder and the addiction simultaneously. Healing both ensure that therapy is a one-time deal. It’s challenging to undergo rehab, let alone trying to balance rehab and a mental therapist. At Resolve Wellness, we’ll help our patients to heal in total, curing the mind of negative patterns, and curing the body of harmful toxins and cravings.

Why Is Resolve Wellness The Best For Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Coral Springs?

At Resolve Wellness, we do things differently. We genuinely believe in the power of mental and physical healing through unearthing our subconscious patterns, fears, and pain. Through digging up many deep-seated traumas, we can give our patients a long look at the life they’ve been living, their triggers, and the bases of their desires. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction and is in need of dual diagnosis treatment in Coral Springs, then call Resolve Wellness today, and see how we can get your life balanced, and back on track!

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