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11 Apr

One in seven people in the U.S. has some sort of substance abuse issue. It’s likely you know one of them. We now know that most people who have addictions have what’s called a dual diagnosis, which means they have a substance abuse problem and a mental health condition. People struggling with addiction deserve compassionate, empowering help and respect. It can be achieved by healing the underlying core issues that led to the addiction. Mental health treatment in rehab in Coral Springs is available, and just a phone call away.

The Benefits of Mental Health Treatment in Rehab in Coral Springs


Treating both illnesses separately can lead to more bills, and accumulating debt can lead to more stress. By locating a treatment facility like Resolve Wellness that deals with dual-diagnosis, you can save time and money, by healing entirely in one place.


Part of what makes healing in two different locations complicated and often unsuccessful is that sometimes, treatment centers do things differently. This can lead to non-parallel growth patterns. By deciding to transform your life in one location, you guarantee yourself stability, comfort, and consistency. Consistency is essential for those who are recovering from drugs and alcohol and can help to foster a more positive and balanced internal environment.

Complete treatment

Depression or anxiety may cause addiction to drugs and alcohol. Drinking and substance abuse is a way many people use to cope, even if they are unaware of their reasons. Coping mechanisms can become addicting. By treating mental illnesses in rehab, we’re able to get to the bottom of traumatizing realizations. We’ll help our patients to unearth hidden agendas, subconscious emotions, triggers, and more. The light on these topics can actually stop patients from needing to drink or partake in drug activity.

Self-understanding alone can do wonders for the human soul and mind. At Resolve Wellness, we believe that the answers rest within each individual person. Our 24/7 staff can help to facilitate a warm and tranquil environment as we begin shedding layers to get to the real problems. If you’re suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse, try participating in mental health treatment in rehab in Coral Springs. Call us at (954)272-4138 today!

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