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Mental Helath and addiction treatment
20 Mar

There are many addiction treatment facilities that focus on helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Many people who struggle with these issues are also suffering from mental health illness. Quality mental health treatment while in rehab in Coral Springs can help you overcome both your addiction and mental health issues. At Resolve Wellness, we offer dual diagnosis treatment and co-occurring disorder treatment to help those in need.  

How can mental health treatment also help me overcome my addiction?

Depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health illnesses are a problem in our society. When combined with addiction it can truly control a person’s life. At Resolve Wellness our programs aim to help those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We do this by offering dual diagnosis treatment and co-occurring disorder treatment. These programs not only focus on helping you get sober, but also provide a focus on improving your mental health. Our safe and effective treatment programs have helped those who are suffering with: 






-Substance Abuse  

-Drug Addiction 

Mental health illness is often swept under the rug and not taken as seriously as it needs to. When someone is struggling with a mental health illness and addiction it’s important to treat both of these issues. If the focus is solely on sobriety and helping overcome addiction, the person will still struggle with their mental health after treatment. This can lead to a potential relapse leaving the person back in the same place they were before they entered treatment. At Resolve Wellness, we make it a priority to treat both addiction and mental health illness while our patients are in treatment.  

Dual diagnosis treatment can help you get sober and improve your mental health.

While in rehab for addiction you can also focus on improving your mental health. Resolve Wellness offers programs that will help you learn about your addiction and mental health illness to get a better understanding of how to overcome these issues. Our dual diagnosis treatment can provide you the treatment and care you truly need. Call Resolve Wellness today to learn more about how mental health treatment in rehab in Coral Springs can help you.  

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